Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites #22: Week of 3/20/15

It feels as if I was just writing last week's post and yet here we are with another Friday upon us! I tell ya, week's either fly by or they crawl by...I don't think there is such a thing as a happy medium nowadays. Honestly, I don't know if I like one over the other, it more so just depends on the week and if I'm glad it went by quickly or slowly and vice versa. But you didn't stop by here to hear my ramble about the length of weeks, so before I digress further, let me get on to the reason you did stop by, Friday favorites! 

Home Manicures:
If you've been a reader of the blog for a little while, then you know that I certainly go through phases with my nails - natural, acrylic, acrylic, shellac, natural, shellac, natural...alright you get the point. Lol. Welp, this week I have returned to the natural phase. The left was my somewhat subtle "greenish" choice for St. Patrick's day and the right is my current manicure that I thought screamed welcome spring!

St. Patty's Game:
Tuesday night was a home game for the Pistons which meant I was celebrating St. Patrick's Day dancing at the Palace with my beautiful teammates. We didn't let the holiday go unnoticed, however, we wore the green outfits you see pictured below all throughout the game!

Breaking Out the Flats:
Another thing I love about welcoming spring is saying goodbye to the heavy socks and boots combination. This week I started wearing flats and I have to say it was weird to look and see bare feet! 

This Meme: 
My brother posted this to my Facebook the other day knowing far too well that most days I can relate!

"Deskercise" Article:
At the beginning of the year my work began a Get Fit Challenge trying to help make a sense of community to encourage people to make and stick to their fitness New Year's resolutions. We post weekly updates (#'s as a group whole, not individual) onto the Facebook page along with some sort of motivation/tip. I wanted to share this week's tip over here because I think it is really interesting!

Twinning Dinners:
My good friend and teammate Erica and I brought the same (and unplanned) concept of things for dinner to eat before practice on Wednesday night. We both had packed some type of wrap and strawberry Greek yogurt, just different brands. The smoothies however, were planned as she had stopped on her way to the facility and picked them up for us, but nonetheless had to be included in the picture. 

Car Washes:
One of the car wash companies in our area does this awesome program where you pay a flat rate for either 6 months or a year and then you can go once a day for the duration. It works out to be a really great deal if you make the time and go enough. I was proud of myself this week because I made it over that way 3 times! If the sun is shining, then my car should be too!

House of Cards:
I finished season 3 on Wednesday night and wow. I am not going to say any details because I don't want to be that person that spoils for you. But wow, I'll take a season 4 announcement at any time.


And with that I'm throwing it over to you! 
What have you been loving recently?

❤ Nichole 
Friday Favorites with Heather at Life in Leggings!


  1. I love my boots but I am ready for flats an no sock as well! Please come link up with me

    1. I love my boots too! And definirtly will still wear some of them into spring, but it was nice to be able to wear flat and not worry about freezing!

  2. I am so NOT a flats person! They are always so wide and my foot slips right out!

    1. I have a couple that I never wear because of that reason! They are too square or something, I'm not sure lol. But ballet flats work well for me!

  3. I love the St Paddy's Day Mani! I need to visit the car wash! How awesome to have that membership. New follower :)

    1. Thanks! It was kind of one of those impromptu manis that I was like hey, this works lol! The membership is really great, my whole family has one cause it's such a good deal. And thank you so much for the follow:))

  4. It's amazing what one car wash can do! Now that it's Spring (well... kind of) I am looking forward to actually keeping my car clean! ;) And yay for flats! I broke mine out last week and couldn't believe how white my feet were, ha! Love the matching meals. Thanks so much for linking up. Happy Friday! xo

    1. Same here! I feel so much more accomplishment from the car wash in the spring lol. And yea I noticed my were somewhat on the pale side too :p Erica and I laughed for a few minutes when we saw that - you totally can relate to the "becoming one" Bahah! Hope your Friday was great!

  5. Ha, that twin dinner is so funny :) I love the nails too.

    I can't adult any day.

    Corinne x

    1. It was too great, we sat down and were pulling stuff out and I was saying how I was happy cause I had had time to actually pack something as compared to having to stop somewhere and she goes "wait, what did you say you had?" then pulled hers out! Lol. And right?! I can't either haha.


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