Thursday, March 19, 2015

Headaches :: Tips for Relief

Barometric Pressure Headaches... Man oh man, these things are the bane of my existence during season changes. Since I've been battling them this week I figured why not do a little thinking out loud style post with some of the actions that I've learned to help relieve mine over time. Per usual Thursday fashion I'm linking up with Amanda over at Running with Spoons - hope you're having a good time in Hawaii girl!!

• Cold Compress (on back of the neck)
This is one that I feel a lot of relief from. It can be difficult to find the perfect neck/head position, but what I have found that works well is lay flat and place the ice pack on the edge of a pillow so the neck is still supported. I suggest having 2 or 3 ice packs in the freezer ready to switch out as needed. 

• Cold Compress (on the eyes)
Not one of my favorites because my eyes tend to be sensitive with headaches and I don't like the cold on them, nonetheless it works. I suggest to lay or sit, whichever is comfortable with your head supported. 

• Turn Off the Lights
Whenever a headache is flaring up for me I prefer to be in a room with dim to no lighting. I have to walk into a room where there is light I try to do it slowly giving my eyes a little more time to adjust. 

• Put Down the Electronics
Our lives are surrounded by phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and so on, yet squinting at the screens will only make a headache worse. I used to think that no matter what I was feeling if my phone went off I needed to respond and was I wrong...the only thing needed is to let it sit and keep resting. 

• Close Your Eyes
For me when I lay (or sit) with my eyes closed I am forcing myself to stray away from paying attention to any distractions around me. I am making myself take the time necessary to feel better. I also like to let me body sleep as much as it needs to fight off the pain. Also goes hand in hand with the 2 above. 

• Take a Hot Bath (with epsom salts)
Epsom salts are an amazing addition to a bath whenever your body is in need of relaxation. When I have a headache my body becomes tense and so I like to take warm baths with epsom salts for my muscles. 

• Ask/Go for a Massage
Massages are a miracle worker to relieve my headaches, however they aren't always convenient with a busy schedule. If I am not home alone I will ask for someone to give me a quick neck/shoulder rub to try to work out some of tightness. If I am home alone I will try to rub my shoulders while laying on my stomach, or rolling with a foam roller. My gym also has a couple massage chairs so if I feel good enough to drive - or have someone available to drive me - I will head there. 

• Drink LOTS of Water
Headaches can be caused by or worsen because of dehydration. I don't see an instant difference if I chug a bottle of's not like poof and my headache is gone, nevertheless I make a conscious effort to up my intake and consistently drink water because I know it can help. 

• Play Quiet Relaxation Music
This one is on the list of rarities for me, although at times I will turn on some soft piano music, very quietly in the background while I am resting and I have found it to be soothing.

*Disclaimer:: I am not a trained professional, I am just sharing what has helped me personally.*

Questions of the Day:
1) Do you experience barometric pressure headaches?
2) What types of things help you with your headaches?

❤ Nichole 


  1. I'm totally for ALWAYS staying super hydrated and putting down the tech and getting away from the screen. My head hurts when I'm on technology all day and it's hard!

    1. Yea squinting at all the different screens definitely makes the head hurt! And I definitely know you are one to be on top of your hydration game!!

  2. I suffer from constant headaches. Thanks for the tips!

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that Amy :/ I hope some of them can help you find a little relief!

  3. I'll have to try some of these out! I seem to get headaches every once in a while and they knock me out. So far, the only thing that helps is being in the dark and shutting my eyes, which doesn't really help when I'm at work. I'll have to save this for next time :)

    xx Gretchen @

    1. That is definitely what brings me that fastest relief too but like you said doesn't help when not in a position to just lay down and do so.. :( If you have a freezer in the kitchen at work maybe you could put an ice pack in there to have on hand, so when you are at your desk you could at least put that on the back of your neck! Hopefully you can find a couple others things that will help you when they flare up.

  4. I get headaches...more than I'd like to admit. If I don't catch them early {and take ibuprofen} I will take the ibuprofen/tylenol, turn off all the lights, no sound, no smells {oh gosh the smells bother me SO MUCH}, and no one touching me! Too hot, too cold...I'll close my eyes and curl up in the fetal position. It's so bad...

    Thanks for the extra tips...Just in case I need it!

    1. Im so sorry you have to go through such horrible headaches. And even so as frequently as they sound :( I'm sure with the fact you get them often you have your routine down, but if any of these can help to then I will be glad for that! I can completely relate with curling in the fetal position. Sometimes that's all that I will want to do.


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