Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites #14: Week of 5/30/14

Good morning (or afternoon/evening depending on when you are seeing this)! It's Friday and I couldn't be happier! Anyone else with me?? Tomorrow is a day which has been much anticipated. A few days ago I mentioned my friend Heather, whose also our lovely Friday favorites host had asked me to run a 5k with her this weekend. I'm beyond excited! Continuing with's this week's faves!

--Shopping For Neon
The 5k we are participating in tomorrow is called Neon Dash - Live Bright Tour. The run itself is actually ran at night and we are sprayed with neon paint throughout. How cool is that?? But of course, there was a need to go out and look for all things neon too! Yesterday I went to 5 Below (have you heard of it before?) to see what I could find for us accessory wise. It was definitely a successful trip!

• bandanas
• nail polish
• bracelets 
• sports bra for under white tank top 
…and even neon playing cards for any downtime we may have! 

Things not pictured yet plan to have:
• long socks
• glow necklaces/bracelets 

--Bike Ride
On Monday my boyfriend and I went for a 10.6 mile bike ride. The weather was perfect and the fresh air felt amazing. About 4 miles of the ride consisted of dirt road accompanied by lots and lots of pot holes. Dodging them became a game! However, let's just say that if there was a point system I would have lost big time. I have the sore tush to attest! LOL. It was all in all peaceful except for that moment when we were almost attacked by a dog. He was not thrilled to have us biking by. After about 15 seconds, which seemed more like 5 minutes he retreated back to the house and we were on with our journey. My favorite part was our halfway ice cream stop! Such a blast. :)

P.S. Billy's shorts are not really that short…he was trying to be like me! #goofball

Over the weekend I got a little…ehh...okay, okay I got lobster status sunburnt. This resulted in aloe vera being a close friend of mine. Luckily we had various choices available in the bathroom cupboard! My go-to is the aloe lotion (pictured middle). I am not a fan on the sticky/slimy feeling of the cooling gel (pictured right). The blue bottle on the left is an after burn treatment by mark., which is made by Avon. I used this one for my face because I figured being made by a make-up company it would be less likely to break me out. I am happy to report it did not! Sadly, it appears this product is no longer made as I could not find it anywhere on the website.

--Popcorn Flavoring
Popcorn is not only a Friday favorite, but it is a daily favorite. If I could eat a bag of it everyday I would. For as long as I can remember popcorn has held a special place in my heart! When I went to make some on Tuesday night I discovered a couple seasonings. I have no idea how I was unaware they existed in our household. Maybe it was better I didn't know! I still need to try the ranch flavoring, although the nacho cheddar was a winner. When at the theatre I always gravitate to the caramel flavor if available. Sooo good! I also really want to try the cheesy jalapeño and garlic parmesan.

--It's Official
This week I received my diploma in the mail! For graduation my parents got me the beautiful frame you see below to display and keep it safe. I absolutely love how it looks. It will be hung with pride. 

--Post This Week
Quotes From The Big Screen on Tuesday 5/27/14:

And well, since we're about to say goodbye to May...

--Most Loved This Month
Making progress on the post-grad TV show list! 

--Popular Post This Month
Overthinking on Thursday 5/15/14:

Duck. Duck. Goose. You're it! 

What have you loved this week? Past month?

❤ Nichole 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Gold Or The Rainbow?

Hello, Hello! I hope the week is treating all of you well thus far!

While we all may not necessarily have a favorite color, we still tend to be drawn to them at different times. Have we ever stopped to think why this is so? I know I haven't. But, I did see something over on Huffington Post that helped to make a connection; colors can transform our moods and attitudes. 

BLUE: soothing
has shown to slow down heart rate and lower blood pressure

GREEN: relaxation
is associated with the environment making one feel refreshed

YELLOW: happy
causes a sense of joy, maybe even adding a pep in your step

PURPLE: confidence
rich and regal color to help one face obstacles 

BEIGE: calming
a warm and inviting color that can calm nerves

symbolizes love and acceptance

ORANGE: excitement 
a stimulating color which can spark creativity and enthusiasm 

Maybe it's never been the pot of gold we needed, just the rainbow itself. 

Questions of the Day:
1) Do you currently have a favorite color?
2) Have you ever noticed a mood change due to color?
3) What would you say is needed most in your life at this moment?

❤ Nichole 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Photo Album #10

So I definitely love a long weekend like this past one, but I always end up coming to the same conclusion later in the week - how is it already *insert day here*! Does this happen to anyone else too? Well, it is Wednesday and with that brings the excuse to share a few more pictures with you all! 

The year is 1993.

I don't believe there is any specific day or event associated with these photos, yet just a normal night at home with the family. It appears that my brother is trying to help me play the piano. 

Fun fact: We still have the same piano 20 years later!

Okay, maybe I'm doing more pounding then playing. I doubt the sounds of Beethoven were coming from the living room this night. Whatever is going on, we look like we're having some fun! 

And I guess I decided to end the lesson a little early!

When I saw these pictures it reminded how there has always been this part of me that wishes I knew how to play the piano. When I was in 4th grade I remember taking recess time to get together with a friend to have her help me try to learn. However, being a 4th grader eventually I wanted to head on out to recess and the lessons were put on hold...indefinitely. It would still be great to do someday.

Have you ever come across a photo that reminds you of something you wanted to do?

❤ Nichole 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From The Big Screen

Over the past few days I have watched a couple of movies, and it got me thinking about how there is so much for us to learn in each movie (or show) that we watch. However, I wanted to be able to share examples beyond just things in my mind, that I had seen so this is where I turned to the world wide web. Through my googling I was excited when I came across a site called Hypable which led me to an article titled 10 life lessons from fandoms we love. B-I-N-G-O! Exactly what I was hoping to find. 

Take 1 of 1. Marker…and action!

- Buffy The Vampire Slayer - 

- A Cinderella Story - 

- Doctor Who - 
Add caption

- The Hunger Games - 

- Walt Disney - 

- The Lion King - 

- Teen Wolf - 

- Harry Potter - 

- Halloweentown - 

- Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 

Cut. That's a wrap! 

Questions of the Day:
1) How many of these did you recognize?
2) Is there one that stood out most?
3) What movies do you find lessons in?

❤ Nichole 

Monday, May 26, 2014

MIMM #15 {Weekend Randomness!}

Hi there everyone! There is lots of marvelousness happening in the US this Monday as most people have the day off, which means one less of the work week. Today's a national holiday over here called Memorial Day. For those of you who may not know what that is, Memorial Day is a day where those who have died in military service are remembered. It also has become a day where those who are active in the military are honored. A special thank you to those who have served and currently do!

This weekend didn't have one specific theme, so here's to sharing some (good) randomness for MIMM!
Thanks Katie :)

Was pretty low-key. I've been on a real kick of sleeping in post-graduation, but have plans to change that really soon! The late morning and afternoon were consumed with doing some things around the house. I noticed my nails could use a new coat of polish and with the holiday coming up I felt a shade of blue was in order. When dinner time came my mom and I ventured to make a recipe I found on Pinterest - buffalo chicken wraps. They were a success! I posted the recipe on Saturday, but incase you missed it you can find it here. The day closed by watching "The Monuments Men" with my mom, dad and brother. It's based off a true story from World War Two, very interesting to say the least.

If you're a fan of buffalo sauce these definitely are for you.

Began by baking strawberry cheesecake cupcakes with vanilla frosting. I thought it would be fun to decorate them for spring and to do so I added green food coloring to the frosting with the final touch of sprinkles on top! Once those were finished my boyfriend and I were off to the gym. After the gym we headed over to my house to help with yard work. Our night ended sitting around the bonfire!

Massage chairs - the best part of the workout.

I got to ride the big tractor.

Turned out to be quite relaxing. In the early afternoon my family and I watched the Indy 500. When the race was complete I replaced that with episodes of Gossip Girl! Truth: I'm obsessed. Throughout the day I also was working on scanning photos, which you may have noticed has become a weekly task of mine. Another weekly task I want to get back to is drinking more water after reading a fellow bloggers post about adopting healthy habits so, I went searching for my 64 oz bottle. Thanks Chrissy! Last but not least to wrap up the weekend I found out that I will be participating in the Neon Dash 5k next weekend with my friend Heather and could not be more excited! It looks like it will be a blast!

Coco was all for the relaxing.



Was happy to find these in the cupboard.

What random things did you do this weekend??

❤ Nichole 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Foodspiration #2: Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Last night my mom and I decided to give one of my many Pinterest dinner ideas a try! A few weeks back I shared a bucket list of sorts with recipes that I wanted to make sometime soon, all which came from my boards on Pinterest. Now even though the meal we decided upon last night was not from the specific list I posted, I am still proud to say a Pinterest creation was made - Buffalo Chicken Wraps!

The ingredients:
• Egg roll wrappers
• Shredded chicken
• Dry cole slaw
• Buffalo Sauce
• Ranch for serving
• *optional - blue cheese*
• && chicken rice for a side dish 

Note: Below are the brands we used, yet brands may vary based on where you are located.

Step 1- Prepare the chicken:
• Used Tyson Grilled & Ready Pulled Chicken Breast
• Heat in skillet on medium for 5-7 minutes
• During cooking used spatula to further shred chicken 

Right: before cooking - Left: cooked

• Stir chicken and hot sauce together

Note: Amount of sauce to use is your personal choice depending on spice preference. 

Step 2- Make the wraps:
• Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
• Spray cookie sheet with nonstick cooking spray
• Lay egg roll wrappers on a clean surface
• Place one tablespoon of cole slaw on diagonal corner of wrapper
• Place 2 tablespoons of chicken onto of the slaw
• *if using blue cheese add 1 tablespoon here*
• Fold and roll the wrapper
• && repeat 

Note: We made 20 wraps and had 8 left over after serving 4 people.

• Ready to be cooked!

Step 3- Baking instructions 
• Bake for 12-15 minutes
• Rolls should be crisp and turn a light golden brown

Side Dish- Knorr Rice Sides:
• Boil 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of margarine and package contents
• Stir and cover
• Reduce heat and let simmer for 7 minutes or until rice is tender
• Let stand for 2 minutes 

Note: I used 2 packages so all was doubled.

Right: during cooking - Left: cooked

They turned out incredibly delicious and were a hit with the fam! As we were eating, we talked about how easy it would be to make these with other sauces and even shrimp. We'll be experimenting!

Have you made anything like this before?

Find the original recipe here!

❤ Nichole 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Favorites #13: Week of 5/23/14

Hi friends! I have lots of Friday favorites coming your way today so I plan to skip the ramble and get right to it. :) This week was nothing super out of the ordinary, yet my list continued to grow and grow! Just goes to show that times do not have to be "out of this world" for there to be things worth celebrating. It may take some searching, but there always is something. I digress… Onto the favorites!

Wednesday was probably the most exciting day this week and I had been looking forward to it for a couple days! I found out Monday that 2 of my friends would be getting engaged on Wednesday the 21st. Amanda I met through Dance Team this year and her boyfriend, now fiancé, TJ was on another Pistons entertainment team called Flight Crew. TJ wanted to surprise Amanda, after he surprised her with the ring, by having all of her friends and family waiting for her at a restaurant. And boy, was she surprised. I will never forget her reaction! He had it timed to a T. We all were hiding until they both reached the top of the stairs, once they did we popped up yelling congratulations throwing confetti!

Our reenactment of the moment!

It was wonderful to be apart of their special day!

I couldn't be happier for them!

--Dancing With The Stars
A Monday night ritual of my families is to watch Dancing With The Stars when it is in season. The finale episode was this week and I can say I am sad to see it go. Every time the show airs I am stunned with the stars and how well they do. I love seeing them improve week in and week out. This season was something spectacular though. It was honestly one of the best that I ever remember.

A few of my favorite performances:
• Meryl Davis & Maks dancing Tango to Feel So Close
• Amy Purdy & Derek dancing Freestyle to Dare You
• James Maslow & Peta dancing Contemporary to Let It Go


A few months ago my boyfriend Billy bought these soft creme candies for my mom, which are made by Lancaster. I had not heard of this company prior. What I can tell you now is that they are incredibly addicting! I've always had a kick for taffy since it was one of my grandma's favorites. She always had it around the house. The caramel are my absolute favorite because caramel anything has my attention. However, the raspberry vanilla are also delicious. A repurchase will be in order!

--Keyboard Covers
I was in dyer need of a new case for my laptop and when I sat down to search with my mom we came across one that also had with it three covers for the keyboard! It is from amazon - my go-to for electronic accessories. Green is not a top pick color for me, but it is one that I haven't had yet for my laptop so I figured hey why not! I love the chevron cover (pictured right below) the most!

These both are perfect to have on reserve!

My friend Kayla went to Canada over the weekend and since she didn't have cell phone coverage there she Facebook messaged me to check out the app called Whatsapp! It uses internet connection, wi-fi, for the base of communication so there is no cost to message back and forth. What I found most lovely about this app was that there was no delay in being notified when a new message arrived. It worked just like text messaging on my phone! I have used Facebook messenger before, although I usually have trouble with messages coming in and then end up missing when the person is on wi-fi. 

Last week I mentioned I had looked at lighter color options for my hair and had finally found the one! On Sunday I made an appointment for Tuesday morning and couldn't wait. Sometimes a little change is good for the soul! I left feeling refreshed. I'm so happy with how it turned out...summer here I come!

--Dog Parks & Popsicles
Yesterday at around 6pm I went over to hangout at my friends apartment. I had been forewarned that they were dog sitting for one of their parents and was prepared to walk into a couple cute pups! It was such a beautiful day that we decided to take the dogs down to the bark park after dinner. When we got there it was obvious we were not the only ones to have this idea. It was one heck of a puppy party down there! I could have stood for hours watching the dogs interact, they were funny and friendly! 

Check out my popsicle joke! I'm glad to see somethings haven't changed from childhood.

--This Video
Dancing on a treadmill…say what?? Impressive is an understatement!

--Post This Week
Plan Execute & ..Adjust on Tuesday 5/20/14:

Throwing it over to you! How were each of your weeks?

❤ Nichole 

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