Monday, March 23, 2015

MIMM #26 {I Will Survive}

Happy Monday!! Whose ready to conquer another week?? It's ours for the taking so lets make the most of it! Now, the majority of you are probably wondering where in the world did that title come from for today's post. Well, if you happened to see Instagram on Saturday afternoon, then you may understand its meaning, if not we will get there! But before we get there we must first highlight Friday!

So I'm not sure how I totally missed mentioning the official first day of spring in my Friday post, however I made sure to rock out some spring colors at work. Friday's are casual day. 

Our front desk girl brought in a box of assorted donuts after lunch, which definitely made for a perfect afternoon pick me. The one I grabbed was cinnamon apple. Mhmm!

After work I headed home and while I was waiting for Billy to come over I did a few loads of laundry and watched Scandal (thanks Heather for the show suggestion!). Instead going out for dinner like we had originally talked Billy suggested he stop by the store and we make something. It was delicious! 

We planned to watch a movie, but rather decided to go downtown and meet our friends Alex and Kayla. We ended up running into some other friends too and the spontaneous night turned to be full of laughs!

Was a lazy morning, accompanied by doing a few things around the house, taking a nap. Before long it was time to get ready because it was game day! Before heading down to the Palace Billy came and picked me up so we could head out to say hi to his Grandpa. Oh hey there mules! 

I had been looking forward to Saturday's game for quite some time because we were performing halftime with Gloria Gaynor. Back in 2005 I performed at halftime with Ms. Gaynor during the Hula Bowl and it was unbelievably surreal to be performing with her again 10 years later. The song she sang was "I Will Survive" which now is the moment today's title makes sense! Lol.

The whole night was 70s themed! 

My parents, Billy, our friend Kyle and I headed to Applebee's after the game for a quick bite to eat. I've been to Applebee's a million billion times it feels, but Saturday night was the first time I really paid attention to the front of the menu I guess. I didn't ever realize they said "celebrate every day."  

Meet goofball Kyle on the left and goofball Billy on the right.

Had me headed back down to the Palace for practice, followed by rehearsal for fashion show where members of the entertainment teams are repping Piston's merchandise prior to Tuesday's game. 

Around 3:30 I was headed home. I took some time to relax an unwind from the day, then decided to dive into cleaning out my 'bottoms' - pants & skirts - closet. And of course Coco wanted to help!

What was the best part of your weekend?
What are you looking forward to this week?

❤ Nichole 

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  1. I'm looking forward to having a slightly less hectic week this week!
    Look like you had a great weekend. I love spontaneous laughs! :-)

    1. They always seem to be the best laughs! I hope the week goes as planned for you Julie!

  2. The best part of my weekend was Sunday when I spent time with my wife. We cooked dinner and just spent some quality time together by watching tv and laughing about dumb stuff. I love those moments.

    1. That sounds like an absolutely wonderful Sunday! Im glad to head you were able to spend some quality time together. I too love moments like that.

  3. Seeing the palace of Auburn Hills brings me back to years ago when I was there to watch the NCAA wresting championships. That blue drink from apple bees looks delicious. What is it?

    1. They just had wrestling high school states not too long ago! I tried took up the name but I couldn't find it.. :/ it was a suggestion from the waitress so I never knew what the name was, however I do know that it is on the late night drink specials menu and it has blue curaƧao in it! It was realllllyyyy tasty. Almost tasted like a blue look-aid.

  4. Love the 70s theme ;) So much fun!

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend!! I ran a 10K on Saturday and PR'd, so that was awesome. Sunday we had church and a home group Bible study that night.
    This weekend I am looking forward to my birthday (I'll be 40 on Sunday) and my first 10 mile run on Saturday! I also get to photograph baptisms on Sunday night!

    1. Sounds like an amazing weekend you had and an amazing weekend to look forward to too!! :)) Happy early birthday! And good luck on your run!


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