Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Favorites #12: Week of 5/16/14

Hi and happy Friday! Who's excited for the weekend? I know, me too! **insert virtual high 5 here** :) Hang on one more day and were there. In the meantime I have an idea… Let's reminisce about what was near and dear to us this week. Good thing it just so happens that's what we do here on Friday's

--Planet Fitness
Well, with the end of classes came the end of my school gym membership. This left me in a predicament on what to do as there are quite a few options in the area of places to go. I received a flyer in the mail that planet fitness was waiving registration fees if at least a $5 minimum donation was made to the breast cancer research foundation. Since my boyfriend was also out a gym membership he and I decided to popover and check the gym out. We took a look around, with help from an employee, and found ourselves sitting down to sign up. The gym is really nice with lots of amenities. There is a ton of cardio machines and your typical weight machines, but they have a few "specific" areas too. I found it awesome when the girl showing us around mentioned they had 30 minute circuit zone for a quick total body workout. Another nice spot was the one dedicated solely to stretching. My favorite isolated part in the gym, however is the section 100% for abs! Billy and I both decided to pay an extra $10 a month for the black card package. We did this because of the included tanning and unlimited time in their massage chairs - such a good deal. I'm very thrilled!

It's official!

Extra black card perks: tanning and massage chairs.

--Hair Color
As you have probably noticed my hair is currently a darker brown color. A few months ago I was patiently (err...more like eagerly) awaiting summer and began to look at some lighter color options. I had about 4 or 5 that I kept coming back to and figured I should probably narrow it down. Earlier this week I finally did! The picture you see below is the one that had my eyes focus and I loved the most. I'm not sure when exactly I am going to have it done, but the plan is hopefully soon!


--Wisdom Teeth Approved Sweets
Okay, here's a little insider info, I have a huge sweet tooth. (remember this is a judgement free zone!) With being on a strict "soft" diet after my wisdom teeth last week, I was happy to see my mom and dad had already hooked me up in the yummy treat department. I'm certainly anxious to have a "solid" dessert any day now, nonetheless snack packs and greek yogurt have been a great company.

For Christmas (yes, you read that right I said Christmas) I received this amazing Burberry perfume from my good friends Heather and Scott. This was my first time ever having anything Burberry in my possession, which is why you have not heard me mention it before. I've saved this beauty for special occasions. The past few weeks have been full of such events and I have been using this friend frequently. It smells absolutely incredible. I also love love love its name "The Beat." Perfection!

--Blogging Community
In just a few short months I have fallen in love with blogging. I look forward to thinking about posts, helping them come alive and then sharing with you all each and every day! Additionally, I started to embrace the even bigger blogging community and I'm glad I did. I find so much enjoyment from interacting with other bloggers! I've been able to meet some very lovely and inspirational people from all over the world. Blogging is so much more then just a computer screen and a keyboard.

--Post This Week
Overthinking on Thursday 5/15/14:

And now it's your turn! What was dear to you this week?

❤ Nichole 

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  1. O man, I have to get my wisdom teeth out this summer....and am not looking forward to it! I refuse to take any medication (not even Advil) so I hope I am not in a lot of pain. When my brother got his out 2 years ago he was pretty good. Even though his were impacted, he didn't have much pain. I hope I get as good a go as him! Plus I have no idea how I will live without eating crunchy veggies and apples for a few days! O No!

    1. My brothers a few years back went like a breeze too! The whole procedure for me went well, but the pain hasn't been wonderful…that's because I got dry sockets on the bottom to though. The top 2 caused little to no pain! Sending good thoughts and vibes your way for when you have to get yours out! The hardest part probably is the soft food thing, but if you do it right you'll have a quick and smooth recovery and be back to the veggies and carrots in no time! <3

  2. Love that new hair color. It's perfect for summer! I also go to Planet Fitness and I really like it. You can't beat $10 a month. Your location looks a little nicer than the one here though. Our massage chairs look a tad beat up lol. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! I'm really excited to go get it done…shooting for next week sometime I hope! Ahh, Im really happy to hear you like Planet Fitness:) I haven't been able to actually workout there just yet because of my wisdom teeth still, but can't wait too. I have used the tanning and massage chairs though and love that part already! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. I'm so glad you love the perfume! I have always been a huge fan of Burberry, but couldn't resist this one when I saw the title. So you! ;) Hope you have a great weekend and start feeling better! xo

    1. I love love love it - smell, name and all! It will most definitely be a repurchase:) Have a great weekend girl, can't wait to hear about it! And thanks!

  4. I absolutely LOVE all the photos :)

  5. awww, blogging is so much more than a computer screen & a keyboard...that is such a true saying! :) may I use it for a future blog post? :) I flippin love it! xxxx


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