Friday, February 13, 2015

Date Crate To The Rescue

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, well..tomorrow, the subject of what to do and what to get has to be on one's mind. If you don't have the knack for it, planning dates and picking out gifts can be difficult. Man Crates is a company that works to make this process simpler and not to mention fun! They have various themed "crates" full of goodies. The crates can work to provide a guy with the necessities for a date and or can be a great gift purchase for a girl who can't decide what to buy her guy. If the idea of a crate such of this isn't already unique enough the packaging sure does set them apart! Yes, you guessed it all the "stuff" comes packaged in a crate. The catch? The crate has to be opened via a crowbar and for an additional cost wrapped with duct tape. Different from the usual and fun right!

I was contacted not to long ago by Man Crates to see if I would brainstorm some date ideas and write a post sharing my recommendations. Well, I've  brainstormed and here it goes!

Sunset, Dinner & A Wish

Who doesn't love watching a pretty sunset? I know I do. There is so much peace in getting lost watching the sky colors change until the sun disappears below the horizon. Pair that with dinner, pure perfection. 

If you want some help with dinner make sure to check out the Grill Master Crate.


To continue the evening after the sun goes down why not have a wish lantern waiting in the car to light off together. Also, be sure to have a sharpie so you both can write a wish before you send it off. 

Playing to One's Interest
A date idea that I tend to think can get overlooked is catering the whole night to the things your significant other likes and enjoys. It shows thoughtfulness for the one you are with and care that you took the time to plan something specifically for them. 

If you date is a gamer the crate that could help personalize the night would be the Super Retro Gamer


RedBox Date Crate
You can never fail with the classic movie night. It works on so many different occasions especially if it's been a long week or someone is sick. Grab a movie, snacks, and pop the popcorn. If you want to add a little more to the date to set it apart from the usual, light some candles around the couch. 

Check out The Snack Pack Crate which has most all of the movie night essentials!


Whose looking forward to their next date night right now?! I want to say thank you to Man Crates for giving me the opportunity to get a little creative and share some date crate ideas of my own!

What type of date nights do you enjoy the best?!

❤ Nichole 

Disclaimer: I did not receive any sort of compensation by Man Crates to write this post. 


  1. I think I'd like a gaming night :) that sounds like fun, I mean who doesn't love retro games...could I have a date night for one? :) xxxx

    1. Exactly! I liked the gaming night too! I'm a huge fan of some Mario and Mario cart!


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