Monday, February 23, 2015

MIMM #22 {Like Shooting Stars}

Well hello there lovely people! I hope you woke up this morning feeling refreshed from a great weekend. I myself am still living off the fun I had this weekend. A little on the tired side since it didn't include too much rest, however the happiness I'm feeling makes up for it. But before I get to sharing...

Did you hear about the two antennas that met on a roof, feel in love and got married? 
The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent! 

Hahaha! Hopefully you found that as cute and it made you smile. :) Ok, ok, now I'll get back on track!

Was the typical work day, but I was anxiously awaiting the clock to hit 3:00 which surprisingly didn't slow the day down. Usually when I am waiting for a specific thing time just drags on. Whose with me? Anywho, the day went by and come 3 o'clock it officially was game day! I got in my car and headed down to the Palace. It had been over a week since our last home game so I was excited to get back on court.

We had an 80's workout themed dance to Maniac from Flashdance. Everyone's outfits turned out great!

The first half went by really quick and before we knew it we were about to perform halftime with B.o.B. The show went great and then we were on to the second half, which ended in a win for the Pistons!

Started off bright and early headed down for practice. 

One of my teammates Simone brought some snacks for all of us. She said that she stopped because she was hungry and she figured if she was hungry the rest of us were probably hungry. 

And the survey says...she was right.

When I got home I thought a restful afternoon/night was in store. I grabbed some lunch and sat down to watch the NFL Combine with my parents. We were cheering on our friend Ty who was invited.

I was told around 3:30 by my mom that I needed to start to get ready because she, my dad and Billy had a surprise for me. At that point I knew my nap wasn't going to happen lol! We got ready, packed into the car and were on our way to a destination unbeknownst to me. I had no idea what we were doing, but when I found out I was beyond excited. They surprised me with going to Winter Jam. It is a huge concert featuring 10 Christian artists and bands. I have been wanting to go for quite a few years now and I didn't even realize that it was already the time of the year for it or that it was coming close to home!

We had such an amazing time. The last band wrapped up around 10:15 and then we decided to walk around the concourse and check out some of the merchandise booths. One of the bands who performed earlier in the night, for KING & COUNTRY, was on our radar to find. During their set they shared with everyone information about the necklace you see pictured below. I instantly fell in love which what it stood for and knew I didn't want to leave without getting one. Billy and I both did. 

"This penny signifies that a woman is worth more then all the money in the world. It also stands as a reminder to men that ladies are priceless and deserve to be treated with respect and honor."

Was home game #2 of the weekend!

It was kids night and prior to tip-off I was able to hang out at the arts & crafts area that was set up. One of my most favorite parts of my job is being able to interact with fans at the games and events. 

These cuties even let me draw with them! 

After the game >>which Pistons won!<< I was greeted in the lobby by a few guys who currently go to the college I went to and are in the same fraternity as Billy and my brother. It was fun to meet them!

Enough about me already. I want to know what you did this weekend!

❤ Nichole 

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  1. Oh how Ive missed your posts! Sounds like such a busy, yet amazing weekend! Love the the words about the necklace.

    I had a lovely weekend too, dog walks at the beach and I photographed a Christening yesterday :)

    Hope your week is just as fun!

    1. You are so luck it is warm enough to walk on a beach!! I wish! And I bet those pictures are absolutely amazing, considering all you do are incredible! Hope your weeks been great so far too:)


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