Monday, February 16, 2015

MIMM #21 {Valentine's Weekend}

Hi everyone! It's been a while since Marvelous in my Monday made an appearance on the blog and in case you are unsure of what MIMM is, well, it's where we recap the high points of our weekends to kick start the week on a positive note. Take that Monday! =) Linking up with the lovely Katie

The highlight of my Friday was hanging out with my dad and boyfriend - Billy - and then heading to the movies. It wasn't too hard of a choice to decide what to see since the boys had been long awaiting to see American Sniper so of course I was out numbered. I love action films, but war movies are not usually my first choice. This one however, was incredible. If you are not one for violent movies, then I would not recommend going and seeing it. If it doesn't bother you, it is a must see.


Billy and I planned to have a relaxed Valentine's Day, which was exactly what we both needed. I took the morning to sleep in with no alarm set and then headed over to his house once I got up and moving. Around 12:30 I headed on my way and walked into a table filled with goodies. {pictured below!}

We exchanged gifts, left to grab lunch and then go to the gym. After the gym we made a random stop at Big Lots to browse around, which turned into shopping around. Once we finished up we headed back to Billy's for the rest of the night to watch a couple of the movies that he rented from RedBox. Perfection<3

Okay, okay the temperature over the weekend was not a high point, but I decide Sunday morning that it had to be recorded as it was the coldest my car had shown. I guess at the point that my car was saying -9 the "feels like" temperature was -25. "insert shocked emoji face here" Yea, it can warm up now. 

When I got home from practice I met my parents and Billy at the gym. I didn't workout myself, but did hop in the tanner. From there my parents were headed down for their Valentine's celebration to the Barry Manilow concert and Billy and I were off to get sushi! Absolutely delicious.

At one point during the day when I was scrolling through twitter and came across this Disney quote. It made me think, assessing a few different recent scenarios in my life where I didn't understand why I couldn't understand. Often it gets frustrating when something happens and we can't put our finger on it as to of why, but that's life. We aren't supposed to get everything that happens. Instead we have to take those things with a grain of salt and not dwell. Easier said then done right? Trust me, I know. I can't even count the number of times where I have been hung up on a situation because I couldn't figure it out. This is something I need to work on and scrolling across this tweet helped remind me.

Questions of the Day:
1) Have you seen any good movies lately?
2) How was your Valentine's Day?
3) Is the weather below zero where you are right now?

Share the marvelous of your weekend!

❤ Nichole 


  1. What a sweet set up Billy put together. He's a keeper! To answer your third question - not it's not as cold. We're experiencing temperatures in the 70's which to me is a bit on the nippy side. Hah!

    1. Ohhhhh....Lucky! Send some this way will ya?? :)) I wish it was in the 70's!!

  2. Sounds like a great Valentines's Day! Brian and I went to dinner with his parents and then ended up driving home in the middle of a blizzard (which was a little scary, but we made it home fine ). Needless to say, it's been below zero in MA too.

    1. That dinner sounds so lovely!! And I'm glad to hear you guys made it back home safe. The weather and cold temp combination makes driving conditions absolutely horrendous. :/

  3. Everyone has loved that movie! I'll need to see it! (Once it's out of theaters!)

    1. Yes! I recommend it. I was iffy about it since they are never my first choice to see, but I am glad I went with them to see it.

  4. Question 1. have I seen any good movies? Yes, yes I have :) The Best Of Me :) I really enjoyed that! It's very rare I sit and watch a film to be honest :/ :)

    Question 2. Valentines Day? Like every other day ;) hehe

    Question 3. weather is not below zero, not far off I'd guess :) xxx

    1. I've heard Best of Me was good! I haven't seen it though I want to! Glad you're not having to deal with below zero temps! xox


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