Friday, July 11, 2014

Guest Post:: Sarah Smiles {Motivational Posters}

Hello all you lovely people at Upbeat Uplifts! I’m Sarah, from over at Sarah Smiles and I am suuuuper stoked to be writing for Nichole today! I literally felt so honoured and lucky when Nichole asked me to guest post for her, so I guess I better make it a good one! :)

I started blogging around August last year, but didn’t really put the time and effort into my blog until February this year. I started blogging due to needed an avenue to spread my creativity. I have always been massively creative and being an academic through my whole school/sixth form/university life meant I didn’t really have a creative outlet, so Sarah Smiles was born! Although I have only been blogging for around four months, I have completely fallen in love with it. It was the best decision I ever made.

Outside of blogging, I am a huge fan of music and plan many instruments such as guitar, bass, ukulele & piano. I am literally alwaaays singing, I’m not sure how my flatmate/family/boyfriend puts up with me, haha!

I had to really think about what I wanted to write today for Nichole and it took me a while to come up with something that I thought would be worthwhile sending over as a guest post. Around a month ago, I finished my exams and started getting back into my design work and decided to make some motivational office posters to hang in my office to keep me focused and motivated.

Although no-one likes to admit it, I’m sure we all have that little thought in the back of our mind where we all want to be as successful as *insert Youtuber/Blogger/Vlogger’s name here* and I am no different. Although blogging is my hobby, imagine how great it would be to be able to get paid for doing something you love? For me, this isn’t something I imagine happening and I have a real-life plan as to what I am going to do after university. However, a girl can dream eh?

And if dreaming and focusing and motivating myself to be the best I can be means my content in my blog & youtube videos improves, then surely having ambition for my blog isn’t a bad thing! I know people don’t like to admit that they have high hopes for their blog, but if I can make a living doing something that is my passion, then why not do my best to get there and do it?

It might never happen and I might always be working in an office, running a blog and a business on the side, but you never know, so I’m going to continue to motivate, focus and keep myself determined to make my blog and videos the best they can be. After all, there is nothing wrong with putting effort into doing something you love.

I’m going to leave you with the two office prints I plan on putting in my office, in the hope that it motivates, inspires and allows you to stand up and say ‘I WANT TO BE A WRITER/BLOGGER/DESIGNER’ etc because ambition is healthy and helps us to get all that we want out of life.

Thank you so much Nichole for having me, I actually really loved writing this post & it’s given me even more confidence again to make my dreams come true! I do hope you will come and have a read at Sarah Smiles, so I’ll hopefully see you all soon!

Keep smiling m’dears, its contagious! Love Sarah xxx


  1. what a brilliant post Sarah! :) I got so giddy when I realised it was you guest blogging...*waves manically!* :) xxxx

  2. Good one there Sarah! It's all so true.


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