Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Guest Post:: A Whole Lot Of Chitty Chat {Dealing With Anxiety}

1) Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as somewhere to put my words, somewhere to get my thoughts out of my head. From day one (I admittedly didn't have many readers then, but I still manage to do it fine just the same now) I have blogged openly about my struggles with anxiety & panic attacks but now I've decided to spread my blogging wings & widen my blogging content...(that sounded so much more professional/posher than I actually am). There is so much more to me than anxiety...well I like to think so anyway! :) I've started to share the occasional nail post, outfit post, do it yourself kind of posts & just random rambly ones...I mean come on, who doesn't love a rambling post, ok... some of you? on to the next question…

2) How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging since February 2013, I originally started over on wordpress but I wasn't overly keen. So I moved over to blogger & transferred my old posts across for saves keeping. I first started blogging on blogger with the name 'away with the fairies 321' but I eventually felt that didn't suit myself as much or my a whole lot of chitty chat was born & is still going strong. I absolutely love my little blogging space, I certainly waffle away on there...just like I'm starting to do on these questions now, brace yourself for the guest post (that is of course if Nichole adds this in before the post) & if not, I apologize & congratulate you for making your way through.

3) What is something you love to do outside blogging?
Hmmm...I love to do a bit of shopping & by shopping, I'm not overly picky what kind of shopping shopping, clothes shopping, shoes shopping, home interior...I'm up for them all really. I also enjoy spending time with my family & friends (maybe this should of come first?), being outdoors, being in the countryside, walking, watching telly, listening to music, watching youtube, reading, creating little projects& a newest love of mine has to be driving...I LOVE it!

On with the post...I wasn't 100% sure what to blog about so I ran a few ideas by Nichole & she then suggested I wrote a post about dealing with anxiety because apparently I always write a fabulous post on that (Nichole's words not mine)...why thank you Nichole, how very flattering. I think I'll get a wiggle on now & get started.

I really hope with this post I can help atleast one of you. Anxiety is different for everyone so I'm not going to give an explanation as to what anxiety is but if you do want to read abit more anxiety related posts I have plenty over on my blog, that is if you want to check them out of pressure, but receiving comments really does make me smile & feel a little warm & fuzzy inside. Firstly I'd like to add a photo that pretty much sums anxiety up in one picture...

The things that have helped me deal with my anxiety, might not work for everyone but you never know unless you try right? So I just wanted to doubly put it out there that I'm not a doctor or any form of mental health professional, just a girl living with anxiety day to day. I always feel like people living with it actually have better tips & of course more understanding than any doctor or professional. I'm starting to waffle again, I clearly don't go ahead & plan posts really, just go with the flow...there is no controlling my waffle. :)

Righty hoo, my tips for dealing with anxiety are….

Admittedly yes this is easier said than done sometimes but please try. Talk to anyone, your mum, your dad, your brother, your sister, your auntie, your uncle, your cousin, your friend, your partner, your neighbour, your doctor...just talk to someone. I really like the quote, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. Talking has to be one of the best things I've done to being able to manage my anxiety. One thing that certainly did help me was starting my blog, my blog was & still is my place to just express myself by getting anything & everything that is bothering me out of my head. It really gives me focus & purpose. But I didn't just rely on my blog to help me though, I also spoke to my doctor & received counselling...two separate lots, the first one made me worst in my opinion but I didn't let that stop me completely. I was referred again & got a new therapist, she was absolutely fabulous & I can't praise her enough. So if you do have counselling & don't feel you connect with the therapist, don't be scared to change therapist. There are different therapists out there for a reason, we aren't expected to get along with all of them.

don't be ashamed to ask for help...
this one ties in with the therapist part of my previous tip. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of, honestly if you feel like you really aren't coping& /or are feeling unwell don't be ashamed to ask for help. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health so please look after them both. Mental health can affect any of us at any point in our lives & we all deserve to get the right treatment.

accepting that I have anxiety was one of my first steps to being able to deal with life better. I'd say over the past year is when I actually accepted that I have anxiety, but anxiety really only is part of me. Once I decided to take anxiety on my journey of life, took it under my wing & became friends with certainly decided to play a lot nicer, making life that much easier...minus my attempt to go to a blogger meet up recently, that didn't end great.

after leaving school & finishing my placement after leaving school I had zero routine, my day to day routine of work had ended, my relationship at the time had ended...I'd gone from being out the house all day at work & then spending the evenings with my boyfriend to nothing. I slowly but surely started to go out the house even less. I had no reason to, I'd occasionally helped my parents at their business but sometimes I'd only manage a couple of hours a day. But a few years down the line, I decided to take driving lessons (something I never thought I'd ever be able to do) & I decided to blog about my journey too. So not only did I have driving lessons to focus on, I also had my blog too...writing up blog posts, sharing tips. Getting into that routine has without a doubt helped me get my life back on track. I'm still helping out at my parents business, I don't have a set routine each week but I'm able to go out a lot more, especially since I passed my test & my parents bought me a car (one extremely lucky girl right here!). It is now very rare that I'm actually in the house all day any day of the week. So if you can manage to create a routine I really think it will help, even if the routine varies from week to week. It will hopefully give you a sense of meaning& stability too (it certainly has for me). Even creating a to do list for the day helps me.

I haven't always been positive about things in the past & especially with anxiety a lot of negative comments can brew in your mind but I have managed to switch the negatives into positives. Don’t get me wrong the negatives do still creep in the little nasties but they will do, I’m only human…I’m not a programmed robot of any kind. So when a negative thought creeps in try your best to change it to a positive. At first it will be hard but keep at it, you can change your thoughts.

Ok, this one is the final piece of advice, I promise. It kind of goes for any illness, don't let your illness define you.

A little note to anyone who is currently suffering with anxiety, please honestly don't suffer in silence, speak to someone. Things honestly do get better over time, there is no quick fix for it but with time & practice things will get easier. You really do have to go through bad days to appreciate the good days but it is all worth it in the end. Baby steps, one day at a time. Anxiety is just a little snippet of you but it can feel so overpowering I know but honestly things do get better, things do become more manageable but just please keep going. You will feel more in control.

I'm going to end this post now because I feel like you may all have just fallen asleep, I highly doubt you'll be wanting to click onto my blog now...but the clue is in the name I guess, a whole lot of chitty chat. It certainly is what you get. :) I'd really like to say a massive thank you to Nichole for allowing me to do a guest post for her wonderful blog. Nichole is such a lovely girl & I'd class her as my friend with a massive heart & an incredible story to share! I don't remember how I came across Nichole's blog but I'm so glad I did, I get so bloomin giddy when I see she has uploaded! Nichole, keep being inspirational & just keep being you! <3


  1. Thank you veryyyy much for having me Nichole! :) I'm ever so grateful & I look forward to seeing what you create for me too :) hope you're having a wonderful holiday! :D xxxx

  2. Totally awesome post you have shared & yes there is lot of chitty chat here, well keep it up.
    Thank you for sharing


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