Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites #8: Week of 4/18/14

It's Friday! So, we all know what that's favorites time! 

--Flip Flops and Green Grass
Yesterday was the first time in a longgg I have been able to break out the sandals. And man oh man did it make me happy. It was even more exciting than usual because just three days ago we had a light covering of snow.

Yay for spring!

--Phone Cases
A little fact about me I am obsessed with phone cases. I recently ordered a few from amazon and this week the last one finally came in. The different sayings are; I refuse to sink, hakuna matata, live laugh love, forever young, and keep your dreams alive. They all were under 3 dollars! 

I also received this one as a surprise from my mom the other day that she made with a favorite dance picture of mine on Walgreens. I love it! 

--Easter Gifts
On Wednesday my friend Kayla and I went shopping for Easter goodies. It was a lot of fun! I cannot wait to give my dad, mom, brother and boyfriend their surprises on Sunday. I went with bags instead of baskets because there weren't any baskets I really loved and these bags were just too cute.

--Thursday Lunch Time
Every Thursday during this whole winter semester my boyfriend, Billy, has brought me lunch between classes. It was my most jam-packed day as I was in class from 12:30-8:15 with just a couple breaks. Lunch was much appreciated because it gave me one less thing to worry about and of course it gave me something to look forward to. Yesterday was the last time we would have Thursday lunch at school so I had to snap a picture!

--Surviving Jack
Over the past few weeks I have talked about how much I love Pretty Little Liars well, now that I'm all caught up I need to keep myself occupied until June. The other day my brother showed me Surviving Jack. It is a newer series airing on Fox. If you are looking for a good laugh definitely check it out. There wasn't a moment throughout the show we weren't cracking up!

--Extended Stay
You may remember I mentioned earlier in the week that my brother was home. He came home last weekend to be at my final game and was supposed to leave shortly after. He worked it out though to stay longer and will be here for Easter! I'm happy to have more time with him!

--Post This Week
MIMM #9 {DPD} on Monday 4/14/14:

Dan Lippitt Photography
Did you have any favorites this week???

❤ Nichole 

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  1. awwww, YAYYYY for your brother getting to stay longer! :D & I LOVE the phone cases & especially the surprise one from your mum, how sweet! :) xxxx

    1. I was so happy he was able to!!:) and yes I love the one from my momma, most definietly the favorite!


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