Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy = Healthy

There are many influences of happiness and they all affect each one of us in different ways. Somethings we are aware of and some we are not. One thing everyone should know however, is that being happy is good for you.

I found an article on Huffington Post, which was comprised of several things to know about happiness that are scientifically backed. I'm excited to share!

It's a choice. 
Almost 40% of our happiness levels are within our own control. 

The weather can influence happiness.
Light plays a role. Mild climates correlate to more positive moods.

Happiness has a fragrance. 
Smells can influence emotions in good and bad ways.

Giving to others can give you a happiness boost.
Selfless acts, no matter how big or small, make someone feel good.

Joy is contagious.
Being around happy people will make you yourself happier too.

Reflection can help you look on the bright side.
Past memories maintain self-worth and promote optimism for the future.

Getting sleep can help you retain more positive thoughts.
And on the reverse, a happy outlook will help you get a better night's sleep.

Practicing gratitude can help you lead a happier life.
Thankfulness lead to joyfulness and can even help lower stress.

Positive emotions can make you more resilient. 
Challenges are better accepted by those who hold optimistic attitudes. 

Our brains tend to have a negative bias.
We naturally dwell on negative, but you can wire your brain to focus on joy.

>>For more visit the article.<<

Questions of the Day:
1) Have you ever associated happiness with your health?
2) What things listed here, if any, surprised you?
3) Which one did you find most interesting?

❤ Nichole 


  1. Loved these tips! They are definitely interesting to think about! I didn't know that we are naturally wired to think negatively!

    1. I found that interesting too! I didn't know that either. I always wondered why we instantly found the negative in a situation though!

  2. That are some great facts and tips at the same time. I love being happy (who doesn't) and I find that the weather really influates my mood. Now I know why. It's the sun's fault ;)
    xx Lisa


    1. Definietly! The sun really affects me too! Sunny morning I can get up and going so much easier while gloomy days I like to just stay in and it's hard to get a pep in my step!

  3. Awesome post, I needed to read this today. Lately I haven't been in the "happiest" mood. These tips will help :) I definitely need to start thinking of what I'm grateful day-to-day because it truly helps.


    1. I agree! I realized once I started looking to the little things and didn't put so much focus on the big things I was MUCH happier. There were many things each day to put a smile on my face. I'm so happy to hear this post helped you!


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