Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Photo Album #4

It's Wednesday which means it's time for another blast from the past!

Since Eater is Sunday I wanted to share a photo that means a lot to me from back in 2000. I cannot believe this was 14 years ago! The memories of this trip are vivid in my mind. I can picture moments from it like it was yesterday. Pictured are my dad, mom, grandma, brother and I.

This is a moment I will always remember. 

A little disclaimer:: I wasn't raised rich. Well, rich in the sense of money. I was however and still am very blessed to have parents who are completely selfless. Their every move is focused on others and for others. Also, not one part of our family believes that memories have to be made through elaborate trips and so on. If you knew my family you would know that we always make something out of nothing! We never let a moment pass by. <3

We were in St. Peter's Square in Rome. Words cannot explain how amazing it was to see mass done by the Pope in front of the Basilica. I was raised Catholic, but religious or not there is so much history there. While in Rome I also remember when we toured the Colosseum. I remember learning about all of the meaning behind it and just being astonished. 

What are some of your favorite Easter memories?

And since were on the topic of Easter..
Last night we made our own little memory for this year.

Since my brother came home this past weekend to see me at my last game he has to stay down at school this weekend and not be home for Easter. Although in general there isn't going to be too much celebration over here for me anyways as my finals start next week. :(

So we took the time we had with him home and decided to color eggs! 
It's a tradition we have done for years and years. 

My boyfriend and I are not artists, but ours turned out fun!

My brothers on the other hand are pretty legit!

The minion one of course being my favorite!

What type of Easter traditions do you have?

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

❤ Nichole 


  1. Those eggs are so cute! I only dyed eggs for the first time last year. I'm definitely not very good.

    1. I am not either so thats why I stick with the multiple colors because even the worst of those can turn out cute! haha! My brother on the other hand…we're not sure where he gets that talent from!

  2. Wow your brother has a talent with those eggs - mind you they all look great to me, can't say colouring eggs is/was a thing growing up in the UK when it comes to Easter - it's much more about the huge chocolate Easter eggs.

    1. I love learning the various ways parts of the world and different people celebrate holidays!! :)) I'm right there with you on the chocolate!!

  3. awww, the egg decorating looks like such a great idea & so much fun! :) Lots of luck with your finals Nichole! do the best you can do :) xxxx


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