Thursday, April 3, 2014


Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is doing great today! 

If you are newer around here on Thursday's I take part in a series with the awesome Amanda called thinking out loud! Can't believe this is number 5! The thing I love about this link up is there's not pressure for the post to have to be 100% thought-out or perfect, just let your heart speak and type. <3

Ever wonder how people find pleasure in putting you down? I do a lot.

This is something I actually struggle with all the time. The reason I struggle with it is because I don't understand it. It honestly leaves me speechless how people can not feel bad about how they treat the people around them. When I observe certain things around me I get a sick feeling in my stomach. 

I've heard before that when people put you down they are trying to make themselves feel better about who they are. How does this work? Well, I'm not exactly sure.. I wish I knew the answer, but I do not get how putting someone down can make someone else feel better. I have tried to figure it out and I don't think I ever will. One thing that has stuck with me forever though was when I was growing up I remember my grandma telling me, "oh honey, do not worry about them, they are just jealous." 

The hardest thing for me when others put me down is the question of why. I tend to think what did I do to deserve this and eventually get to the point where I convince myself it was my fault. This however is not healthy.

When others treat you badly it is not because you deserve it. It is not because it is your fault. It is because they are insecure about who they are. 

This also plays a role into when you question why others do not seem to be happy for you or where you may be in your life. They are in doubt of where they are and instead of sharing your joy they treat you differently. 

It took me quite sometime to realize, but eventually I figured it out
They are displacing their insecurities on you.

They want to bring you down, they want you to be in the place that they are. It hurts and is not easy to understand, but it is important to rise above and to not let them get the satisfaction of succeeding to make you feel bad.

You have to know that what they are doing has nothing to do with you. You did not cause it and you do not deserve it. They are in a place where they are unhappy and at the moment they do not want to see others happy, yet instead they want to make others feel unhappy too. The truth is, it is going to get to you and it may even make you question who you are and where you are. Honestly, it does me quite often, but the best thing you can do is...

Don't look for others approval. 
Continue to live your life.
Believe in yourself.
Just be you.
Questions of the day:
1) Have you ever questioned where the satisfaction comes from?
2) What helped you rise above how others have treated you?
3) Is this something you still struggle with at times too?

❤ Nichole 


  1. I've honestly never been able to understand how people can hate on others either. There are people that I don't get along with or particularly enjoy, sure, but I do my best to be cordial and kind anyways, because you never know what they're going through to make them lash out like that. I used to take things really personally, but over time I've learned that how people treat you and what they say about you is a bigger reflection of them than it is of you. I just try to operate under the mentality of treating people the same way I'd like to be treated myself.

    1. I completely agree. I used to take it to heart big time, but like you said over time you learn it's a reflection of them not you. It is hard to accept at times, and I still struggle here and there with it…especially when it is someone that does it out of nowhere that I didn't expect. I also try to treat others how I want to be treated. Like you said we all have those people we are not 100% fond of but that doesn't mean they deserve to be treated bad.

  2. I've questioned it before, but in the end I came to the exact conclusion your grandma gave you. Now, I just smile & wish them a wonderful day. There's always going to be those type of people in life - so why feed into their negativeness?

    1. Exactly. In turn, smiling and showing them it doesn't affect you is the best option. <3

  3. I absolutely love the posts you post. They are so inspirational and thought provoking :)

    1. Thank you SO much Alhana! <3 It makes me happy to hear you enjoy them girl!! :)


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