Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just Laugh?

Everyday we are surrounded with tips and tricks for how we can become healthier. We're told to eat this, take that, do this, do that. But, what if there was something that we could do daily, and as much as we wanted, that cost no money at all? It sounds too good to be true right? Well, it's not. 

So, what is it that I'm proposing we do you ask? It's actually quite simple...just laugh!

Believe it or not there are many benefits to laughter. While reading a few articles, I came across this from helpguide.org that I think sums it all up very well; "laughter is a powerful remedy to stress, pain, and conflict." And, it is something that each one of us have the ability to include in our lives. 


• makes you and others feel good
• boosts relationships
• is a natural pain killer
• decreases stress
• soothe tension
• improves breathing
• lowers blood pressure 
• makes you look younger
• gives a good workout
to the diaphragm, abdominal, respiratory, facial, left and back muscles
• can help you relax and sleep
• improves alertness, creativity, memory
• produce general well-being

Ways to laugh.

• watch a comedy movie/TV show
• share/look up a good joke
• go to your bookstore's humor section
• go to a comedy club
• have a game night
• participate in fun activities
• look at old photos/videos
• surround yourself with funny people
• do something silly

"Laughter is an instant vacation." ~Milton Berle

Questions of the Day:
1) What different types of things make you laugh?
2) How integral is laughing in your life?
3) Did you know there were so many benefits to laughter?

❤ Nichole 


  1. Basically everything makes me laugh. I find a lot of things to be hilarious! Sometimes though, I can really tell that I haven't had a good long laugh in a while. The one that makes your sides hurt. I didn't know there were this many benefits to laughter! :) Loved the post!

    1. I knew it was good for ya but not to this extent! I find a lot of things funny too!

  2. Such a good reminder! Little inside jokes that I remember throughout the day makes me laugh when I'm at my desk :) helps me get through the day with a smile on my face! And I didnt realise just how many benefits there were either! xx

    1. So true! Or looking through photos on your phone from funny pasttimes! I do that at times!

  3. This is such a great post. Laughing is such a mood booster! I laughed so hard earlier that is hurt my stomach so I decided that was my exercise for the day! hahah x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. Hahah! That's awesome! I love laughing till my tummy hurts:)

  4. The song 'I love to laugh' from Mary Poppins just popped into my head, because it's true, I do! We all need to laugh at least once a day! My dog makes me laugh, he is so dippy, stupid and crazy haha.

    xx Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.blogspot.com

    1. Agreed!! We definietly all do need to!! I can relate, my kitty makes me giggle all the time!!

  5. This is just so true. I love laughing and I can even laugh at myself and it does really make everything easier. Also it makes me feel good.
    xx Lisa


    1. You brought up a good point of being able to laugh at yourself!! That's certainly important to be able to do!!


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