Friday, February 7, 2014

Can We Super-size That?

Happy Friday!! Whose excited for the weekend?! 

I always look forward to the weekend whether my schedule is wide open or super packed. The latter being in-store for me for the next few days!
>>Did I mention its game day?? With 3 more following!!<<

Game day, is actually the inspiration today's post. 

We all have some sort of dream (or maybe dreams) we hope to accomplish. I am very blessed to have been living mine out for the past 7 months. But far too often, I feel as if people give up on them before they even take the chance. Everyone's reason for giving up on a dream varies. The most common I have heard or experienced being; someone said it wasn't possible, someone said it was a waste of time, it got hard and discouragement was felt, or it was just easier to settle. Yet, why not choose to do this instead:

A book I read a while back, Get Over Yourself by Jennifer Beckham, had a particular message that has stuck with me day after day. It was, "everything you need for this life is already inside of you and you need nothing more." Unfortunately we do not always think this way. But if we decided to, it would be easier for us to super-size our courage and abilities to work towards our dreams. How? Because we would know that we have in us the potential to do whatever it is we put or mind and heart to. 

Instead, we are in a constant search to be more like so-and-so when we should be looking to what's inside of us. But, taking the time to go all in on yourself is not something that's easy to do. What I mean by "go all in" is choosing to find your strengths and weakness and addressing them. For me, this is when I look to the support system of my family and close friends. It's crazy how people can see things about you that you never did. 

Going all in is the only way I have ever been able to determine where I can grow. I am by no means saying it's an end all be all to make every dream come true, everything still has its time. But, if you don't embrace the opportunities you have to make you a stronger individual I can say one thing for will not give yourself the chance to reach your dreams. 

Are you willing to go all in to take steps closer to your dreams?


  1. Hi Nichole, I was invited to your blog by my good friend - your Dad. He told me a lot about you and I'm very impressed with you, and your outlook on life. You're a beautiful, brave and a very smart young lady! You have a very rare gift, a gift of brightening people's lives. Thank you :)

    1. Awww thank you Steve! :) That means so much! It makes me really happy to hear you are enjoying my blog so far!


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