Monday, February 17, 2014

MIMM #1 {Monday Motivation}

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I'm really excited this Monday morning because I am trying something new; I am linking up with Katie and Marvelous In My Monday. She started this to help people look to the marvelous things around them and kick the week off on a positive note. 
A great way I like to get through Monday is to remember weekend fun; first a little highlight of my weekend then to some motivation to start the week!

√ Daddy daughter lunch date
√ Valentine's celebrations with the boy
    - saw The Lego Movie
    - made dinner together & watched The Vow
Adorable thank you card 
from the Girl Scouts
√ Played Wii trivial pursuit with the family 
    - >>it gets real competitive over here!!<<

√ Hosted a netiquette workshop for Girl Scouts 
    - a civic engagement project for class
√ Homework, homework, homework

√ Morning practice went great
√ Completed an exam 
    - >>feel really good about it!!<<
√ Talked with a friend that I hadn't in a while
√ FaceTimed with me brother 
√ Watched the NBA All-Star game

My weekend was full, but great! 
What were some highlights of yours? I'd love to hear them!

Now, Monday can be a difficult day.. I'm dragging a little this morning myself. Regardless of what it is we do - go to school, work, etc. - there's always that "ugh" feeling when getting out of bed Monday morning. I feel it is something to do with the day word Monday itself. I say this because I know of people, me included, who work on the weekend and are still sad when Sunday comes to an end. So what really makes this such a different day? Well.. It's really not. Don't let the day pass you by just because of "a case of the Monday's." 

Let's eliminate that "ugh" feeling!


How are you going to beat "a case of the Monday's?" We can do it together!


  1. what a lovely post! thanks for the motivation :) xx

    1. Thank you for reading!!:) Glad you enjoyed it!!


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