Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let's Get Organized

Happy Wednesday! I'm sorry I missed posting yesterday. I tried really hard to get a post up here, but I was studying for a midterm I had. Good news, I feel confident I did well! While I was studying I was brainstorming for a topic to post about though! The topic that came to mind was organization! I did some research on the topic, as I wanted to give you guys more then just what I do, and found some tips on one of my favorite sites

Organization is a lifeline for me. When I am not organized I get anxiety. This being the case I love to find new ways to effectively organize my daily life. However, these tips can help anyone; whether you're like me and need to be organized or you are someone who is trying to become more organized. 

So here we go!

1. Create a to-do list
I personally live by these! I actually have many at one time. I have the reminders in my phone filled out, I have a little electronic sticky note on my computer with the most recent upcoming things I get from my phone so they are visible, as well as I have a daily written out list. I do this to ensure I do not miss deadlines and things which I need to accomplish. 
  • help you get tasks organized
  • do not fall into trap of making list and taking no action
  • write daily tasks to not become overwhelmed 
2. Find places for things
I try to always put things in the same place. Every day I put things such as my phone charger, my glasses, my purse, my backpack, my dance bag and so on in the same area. I do this because it creates a routine and limits the amounts of things I misplace or have to spend time looking to find. 
  • find a "home" for belongings
  • helps you locate them easier
  • especially for items that float about home/office
3. Get rid of clutter
This is one of the most important ones for me. I try to always consolidate whenever possible. The less papers and or items not being used any more the easier it is to follow through with daily tasks without distraction. 
  • dispose of obvious trash/recycling materials
  • clear space of broken items and those no longer being used
  • put items back when finished/consolidate similar items
4. Take care of small things right away
I try to do this although it is hard. However, I do find I'm more productive if I do something right when I get it, if possible, as compared to putting it off.
  • the longer you wait the harder it is to accomplish a task
  • risk forgetting/overlooking item 
  • if it can be done in less then 3 minutes take care of it then
5. Keep a schedule
This for me, much like my to-do list, is something I live by. I have a pretty consistent routine between school and dance, but there are always those things that change or are added and are easily forgotten. For example, even though I have classes at the same time every week I have them plugged into my calendar so I do not have the chance to overlap things.
  • better organize and define time
  • can be electronic or written whichever you prefer
  • write out all activities no matter how well you think you know it 
6. Set priorities
This goes hand in hand with a to-do list. I write my daily list out dependent on the importance in which I should complete the tasks.
  • helps focus intent and actions
  • can apply to large life goals and smaller everyday tasks
  • not sure what to prioritize? compare items against one another
7. Save similar information in one spot
I have multiple folders created on Gmail so when I am looking back for a certain email I do not have to search through thousands but instead can go to a specific folder and have a head start to finding it. I also do this with my class work, each class has a folder of its own which makes finding assignments and handouts much easier. 
  • allows information to be readily available
  • also can help eliminate clutter
  • complete tasks faster knowing where to look
8. Have a positive attitude
Finding an effective way of organization that works for you takes trial and error. I still discover new ways that work better for me all the time as well have old ways that let me down. It's important to stick with it.
  • people don't just become more organized overnight 
  • requires hard work and patience 
  • it's all a learning process
9. Work with your personality
The way in which I organize myself works for me but may not work for everyone. There is not one way to be organized.
  • organization comes in different shapes and forms
  • preference for categorization, location etc. changes by person
  • key is to find and make use of what works for you
Questions of the Day:
1. Which of these tips do you already do?
2. Which of these tips would you like to start to incorporate?
3. What other means do you use to organize yourself?

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  1. De-cluttering is hands down the hardest! I have a boyfriend who wants to hold onto things he hasn't touched in nearly a decade.

    xo, Liz

    1. It definietly is one of the hardest!! It's the fear of once it's gone you can't get it back! - I do pretty okay with papers and things of that sort, but I hang onto clothes because I feel like if they still fit I never know when I may need them!

  2. A to-do list is fantastic. Until i get home (i make them at work) and forget i made it and then nothing still gets done.

    Any ideas for ADHD-ers?

    1. I did a quick search and found a couple sites with organizational tips for ADHD-ers:

      I hope these help! I would love to do a sister post specifically looking into this and finding the most common/useful that are suggested out there. So keep an eye out for that! :)

  3. I also live by to-do lists. I don´t think I could get anything done without them. For me it´s mostly about the reminder of what I still have to do and then trying to achieve this. I can´t sleep when I have too many things lined up.
    xx Lisa

    1. I would definitely agree with you. I sleep so much better at night knowing I got everything taken care of or at least what I needed to for that day.


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