Thursday, February 6, 2014

Struggle is Relevant

A lot of times we get so caught up in who we are and what we are going through we forget there is a world outside of that. But, every single day people surround us that are struggling with something we don't know. 

A little while ago talking talking with some friends one of them said, "what everyone is going through is relevant to that person." And since that day it had stuck with me. I thought to myself that is an awesome way to think about it. Everyone has something they are going through and whose to judge how really "big" or not it is. No one. What may be easy for you maybe a struggle for someone else and what may be easy for them may be a struggle for you. The way in which things affect us are dependent on who we are.

One of the ways I like to help myself get through whatever may be going on in my life is to try to reach out to someone else. This helps me do 2 things: 

1) Take my mind off my current situation 
2) Bring me back to reality that everyone has a battle

I grew up seeing my mom never letting an opportunity to talk to someone pass. I never quite understood why she was doing it. As I got older I would pay attention to her conversations and become amazed at how in such a short period of time she could have such a significant conversation with someone. I vividly remember almost everyone telling her at the end that she managed to make their day better, even if they weren't having a bad day! I can almost guaranteed that the people around you, if you know them or not, throughout any given day could be impacted by a simple smile and hello. 

How can you take your eyes off yourself and reach out to someone else?

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