Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

Hi everybody! Okay, so a forewarning, but this isn't going to be your typical transformation Tuesday. I am not about to post a bunch of pictures showing how I used to look compared to how I look now. The transformation I am going to share has to do with a shift in my thinking recently. Although I have to show you some pictures from last night's crazy snowstorm first! 

It was super pretty but I'm telling ya, it can be spring at anytime! 

Alright, to my transformation. 

Lately I have been thinking a lot about all the different people that come in and out of someones life and obviously my own. As I was doing so I couldn't help but become a little down, I guess I had never really given it much thought. It seemed as if more people were going out of my life than staying. I began to question why it appeared to be this way and I started to question if it was something wrong with me. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks; Nichole, everything that happens in life has a purpose, you know this.

I'm pretty sure we all have had those moments in life. The moments where even though you know something you still have difficulties with every once in a while. This doesn't make us negative, it makes us human. 

Each person that comes into our life comes into it for a reason no matter how long they stay in it. It can be hard to realize this when people matter to you; especially if you are someone like me that cares for others very very much. It also can be hard to realize this when people leave in a bad or hurtful way. All the people we meet affect our lives; they all have something to teach us and help to create who we are and who we will be.

Happy and positive relationships in our lives make us feel fulfilled, supported and connected. They help us open up and learn to love. We tend to feel encouraged which allows us to believe in ourselves and where we are headed. They are a key role in us getting the most out of a day. All of us have those certain people in our lived who make everything better, even if it wasn't bad to begin with, just because of their presence. 

On the contrary, relationships where we get hurt or feel betrayed actually have the biggest importance in our lives believe it or not. These relationships help us to learn patience and understanding. However, it is hard to accept because we don't understand how some people can just turn their backs on us in an instant. This is what was getting to me recently and it's essential to remember what was stated above; each person has their time they are meant to be apart of your life - some are forever, some are for years, and some are even just for months or weeks. But without these relationships we would never realize what our full potential or strength really is.

Be thankful for those in your life and be appreciative for all you learned from those that are no longer; with them you will be who you're meant to be. 

What are some thought transformations you have had?


  1. I really like this post a lot. I was signing into my Google account a few seconds ago, and this may sound silly, but I put in the wrong password and it responded with "password changed 7 months ago." 7 months ago may seem like a long time, but it seems just like yesterday that I changed my password. I also look at it like this: who was I hanging out with 7 months ago? who was truly there for me? how has my life changed?
    Those that really mattered in my life and were truly there for me are still in the picture 7 months later. Those who are truly meant to be in your life will gravitate to you no matter the circumstances, even when your password changes (or when life events come along and change you). Those who I thought were there for me aren't anymore, but those who really matter still are and those who really matter are those who make me the happiest. I have changed for the better because of the core support group that I have, always will have, and how this support group has grown together instead of apart.

    1. I really like your comparison to the "password" changing. I totally agree!

  2. It's definitely a difficult thing to grasp and accept, when people pass out of your life. Mostly, my frustration stems from not knowing why. With that said, I've also had a similar thought transformation/epiphany recently, in just realizing that you can't change the way others are - that you can only change your reaction to their actions, with patience and empathy.

    Great post, Nichole!

    xo, Liz

    1. Thank you very much!

      I realized that as well. The unknown is always hard to understand. It's important to remember we're not necessarily supposed to understand were just supposed to trust. It's all how we look at it. We have no control over what others do, but we can control how we let things such as this affect us.

  3. I completely agree with this whole post. I only graduated a few months ago and became alum with my sorority, but it feels like ages and I never see anyone anymore. No one really makes an effort to stay in touch, but I've also never been happier than I currently am. I get to spend time with those I want to spend time with and feel happy being around!

    Love you!

    1. It is definitely hard. It's almost like a whole world shift.. But those who you are around and do make the effort are the ones who are meant to be and make you happier for that reason, like you said! It just takes the realization that even though something is different its not the end. Love you too girl!!

  4. Great outlook! Looks like the weather has been insane in your neck of the woods.


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