Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Expectation vs. Appreciation

Before you begin reading today, take a moment and ask I living life with an attitude of expectation or an attitude appreciation? The attitude that you choose to carry with you throughout the day plays a much bigger role then you probably imagine. There is a significant difference between expectation and appreciation. If you are expecting something and it doesn't happen you will be disappointed and let down but, if you are in a mindset to appreciate something then whatever happens you will be thankful for.

We all have our moments of expectation, me included, but honestly they happen a little too often. We are all too busy most the time demanding things of ourselves and others and we overlook the rest of what is around us. But I want to clear something up, this isn't to say that there aren't still standards that need to be met...because there are. I know, I know, you're probably thinking to yourself right now then what are you saying?!

So let me explain. 

If you are a student you have expectations from your teachers to come to class and to do your assignments. If you are an employee you have expectations from your employer to fulfill your jobs duties. If you are a child you have expectations from your parents to follow the rules in which they set for you. These, and others alike, are situations that have standards that need to be met (which you benefit from). You cannot think; my teacher should just appreciate I did half the assignment or my boss should just appreciate I even showed up or my parents should just appreciate I was only an hour late for curfew. That is not the way of life or purpose of appreciation. 

The purpose of exchanging expectation for appreciation is to do it internally to create a better attitude for yourself. What you should think is; I am so fortunate to have the ability to be in school or I am so blessed to have a job or I am so lucky to have caring parents. By appreciating what you have and the opportunities that are before you it makes the things you have to do easier such as studying for that exam, working that 12 hour shift or having a curfew on school nights. There are people who do not have what you do and would be thankful to be where you are no matter what it took. 

What will you choose; to keep expecting or start appreciating?

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  1. I appreciate you more than you will EVER know!


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