Monday, February 10, 2014

Be What You Are

Hi! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was very eventful! My brother was home for the weekend so it was awesome to spend time with him, friday and saturday were back to back home games (accompanied by back to back wins!), saturday night girls night, sunday morning practice and then finished it off with some sunday night skiing! 

I love keeping the weekend fun in mind to get the week started off right!
Before I ramble to specific details let's move to today's post!

What does it mean to be yourself? Well...being yourself gets confused with being what those around you want you to be. There's this pressure to fit in and to do so some people feel they need to suppress who they really are. But all that gets you is fake friends and a confused self. If someone is a true friend of yours then they would be accepting of you for all that you are. 

Everyone is not meant to be close friends with one another. 
>>But, every person does deserve each others respect.<<

My opinion is, if someone doesn't like you for you then that is their problem and they are the one's missing out. As you are creating real and forever friendships they are going to be pretending to be happy. You will be so much better off in the end by just letting your true self shine through always.

Why change who you are or what you believe for something that's not meant to happen and will only be temporary?  

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