Saturday, March 1, 2014

5 Simple Rules

Happy Saturday! What exciting plans do you have this weekend? 

Did you know March is reading Month? Well it is, and I am headed to the mall for a "Rally for Reading" event. A teammate and myself have the privalege to read a couple of books to/with children today. I'm very excited! 

Yesterday's post was a little on the lengthier side and I thank you all for taking the time to read it. It meant a lot to share my story with you. I was glad to express why I have a passion to look for the good in life, but most importantly I wanted to help educate and bring awareness to help others. ❤

I know it's the weekend and there's probably many things that need to get done. So, today will be quick I promise. I found 5 Simple Rules of Happiness I thought you all may enjoy. Doing these things can change you.

1) Free Your Heart From Hated
-forgive those who have hurt you

2) Free Your Mind From Worries
-most of them never happen anyways

3) Live Simply
-enjoy the little things

4) Give More
-pay it forward

5) Expect Less
-appreciate all you have

Questions of the Day:
1) What books would you like to read during March?
2) What do you have a passion for?
3) Which one of these 5 things do you need to work on most?


  1. This was so lovely, cute post <3

  2. Lovely post. I need to work on worrying less I think...I often stress about things that aren't worth stressing about! My passion is blogging at the moment since i'm so new to it, but other than that I love writing and reading :) Danielle x

    1. That's definitely the one I could work on as well. There's many times I find myself worrying and then later asking what was I worrying for?! Worrying can often take away from the moment so its something I've been trying to not do so much!

      I also new to blogging but am absolutely loving it!

  3. I definitely need to worry less. I always want things to be perfect and worry about how I could make them better. I need to release from that and understand that I am trying my best.
    It's all very well saying that I suppose it's doing that's harder!
    If you have any book suggestions I'd love it. Always looking for new books to read.
    Finally I love the idea of questions of the day. It gives opportunity for interaction in a nice simple way. And let's be honest I love a chat!
    Kate xx

    1. I couldn't agree more! You feel much more accomplished when you don't push as much pressure on yourself as well! Worrying less is the one I have to work on too!

      I personally am a Nicholas Sparks fan! I have all his books electronically. Any of them are great. I'm also currently reading The Circle Maker for a book club I'm in with some friends.

      And thank you! I like to learn about everyone so I started it to try to spark a chat like you said:) As well as I think it gives something to reflect on even if someone doesn't comment!


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