Monday, March 10, 2014

MIMM #4 {Spring Break}

Hi everyone! So you may have noticed I didn't blog this weekend.. It was really weird honestly, felt like I was always missing a part of my day, and certainly not something I plan to make a habit! However, my boyfriend (Billy) and I were in West Virginia visiting my brother (Nic). I was soaking in every moment because I will not see Nic for about 2 months! Thankfully though it is Monday, and I get to share with you the most marvelous moments from my weekend to catch up! Here it is, mostly all in pictures. =D

Wednesday Night: Headed for WV
Billy and I left late night after the Pistons Game

Thursday: Traveling & First Day
Being Michigan fans these were our Ohio faces!


Capitol Building
Sun coming up

Getting into town

We went to Paris! Hehe!
Irish Pub - McBee's
Friday: Second Day
Nic surprised me with my fav - Wafflers
Fun nails
Bowling with the gang
Nic and I :)) - He is my role model
Bowling pin bottle - so cute, had to get
Billy and Bobby
Saturday: Third Day
Center with art, crafts and one of a kind items!
Map and info
Billy and I
My boys <3

Pretty sky with Tamarack in the background
Projector screen basketball - Michigan Wins!
Sunday: Bonus Day & Drive Home
Billy and I were going to be to leaving Saturday night, but we ended up being able to stay until about 2pm on Sunday afternoon which was awesome! 
Saying goodbye :/
 Front view of the Irish Pub

Headed home :(
GPS took us a country-view way 
Dinner and well..the picture says the rest lol
Couldn't pass up froyo before getting back on the road
Beautiful sunset  
and again
and again 
and one more
Watching Failure to Launch in the car
Home with a kitty waiting to welcome
My weekend was by-far incredible and one of the best I have had in a long time. It was really hard to leave my brother but I know I'll see him soon! 

How were your weekends?! 
It's your turn to share!

Now let's attack this week! 
"Eighty percent of success is showing up" ~Woody Allen

❤ Nichole


  1. I loved this post and getting to see what adventures you got into for spring break! I think you totally need to do more of these!

    1. Thanks girl!! It was so great to see my brother! <3 And I will do!! I really enjoyed planning over the weekend for it!! :))

  2. Looks like you had a really good weekend, very glad you enjoyed yourself & got to spend time with your brother :) I'm absolutely loving the sunset photos! :) xxx

    1. It definitely was! My brother is my best friend and I love when I can have quality time with since he is away at school!

      I was too! I love taking scenic pics like that! I kept asking my boyfriend to slow down so I could get a pic! hehe!


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