Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pause and Relax

In a world that is run by agenda's and to-do lists, it's hard to find time to just stop, step back and relax. We don't take the moments we should for ourselves in fear that the pile of things we need to accomplish will continue to grow. Stress is something in which we all can relate to and I'm sure we all know is not great for our health. Which is why relaxation is very important. 

Since Sunday is considered a day of rest, it seemed appropriate to share relaxation techniques that help relieve stress I found on

1. Meditate
Take a moment to close your eyes and slow down your thinking. This can help to calm your nerves and your body, as well as clear your head. 

2. Breathe Deeply
Deep breathing slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. Give yourself a break from whatever you are doing and work against your stress. 

3. Be Present
Slow down and focus on the now. Every time you rush and hurry to do something or get somewhere you are adding more stress to your day. 

4. Reach Out
A great way to manage the stress you are feeling is to talk about it to others. Find the support system you feel comfortable turning to and let it out. 

5. Tune Into Your Body
To lessen your stress, you have to first be able to understand what causes it. Pay attention to your day and note when you feel stressed and why.

6. Decompress
Place a warm heat wrap/towel around your neck and shoulders. While doing so sit back and relax each and every muscle, letting the tension diminish. 

7. Laugh Out Loud
Laughing is a great pick me up and also has physical benefits. It lowers your stress hormone, cortisol, and increases endorphins, which boost your mood. 

8. Crank Up The Tunes
Listening to soothing music can lower blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. And busting out a favorite melody can always help take your mind off things!

9. Be Grateful
When you start to feel stressed remind yourself of what really matters. Remember the good things and celebrate accomplishments, big and small.

We may not always have a whole day to dedicate to relaxation, but there are small things we can do each day to help us reduce the stress we feel.

Questions of the Day:
1) What ways have you found best to cope with stress?
2) Do any of the tips in this list stand out to you?
3) How do you like to relax when you can?

❤ Nichole 


  1. This is such a good post! It's so true that it's nearly impossible to just relax sometimes, because there are almost always a million things going on inside your mind! 7, 8, & 9 are some of my favorites for when I'm feeling a bit stressed!

    1. I am almost always thinking to the next thing, it is so hard to not! I like those lots as well! Laughing always does a good job to help me smile and forget what I was stressed/upset about!

  2. I love these, definitely need to focus more of my time into relaxing!
    Hannah x

    1. I do too! It is hard to do always being on the go, but that's why I was so happy when I came across this list and had to share! They are mostly all things that can be done anywhere to help you just take a little time for you and calm whatever stresses you have!


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