Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites #4: Week of 3/21/14

Good morning and happy day! It's Friday!

My plans for today are being in the library, being in the library, and lastly, being in the library. I like to plan ahead and seeing that next week is a busier one, my goal is to get as far ahead as I can in my assignments! 

Whatever today may have in-store, make sure you take a second to celebrate all your favorite things and times from throughout the week. And share them with me too! After all, that's what we do around here on Friday's!

--Walking to Class
Tuesday was a gorgeous day. It was almost clear skies, calm winds and about 47 degrees! After our hard winter, this was wonderful. Hearing that it was supposed to be rainy and cold sometime during the weekend, I decided to take advantage of the nice day. I walked across campus to my next class instead of driving over like I have all semester. Even though the walk is only about 5 minutes I made sure to take my time enjoying the beauty of my campus. It's crazy to think that in 43 days this won't be my daily life. 

--March Madness
Now, even though I don't live and die by the bracket I am a huge sports fanatic. Yesterday started the first round. These games are some of the best there are throughout the whole season; literally anything can happen. Each and every team brings it all to the table. I like to watch as many as I can.

I also can't help but flashback to one of my favorite times of last year when my parents, boyfriend and I drove down to the Final Four! It was an amazing time that was just made better by our team making the championship game!

--Nail Polish
I am not a fan of when my finger nails are polish free. I used to go have my nails done with acrylics quite often. Although very nice, this got a little pricey. So, self-manicures it is! Here are some colors I have used recently!

I have quite the obsession with bottles; water bottles, coffee mugs, etc. A lot times I end up grabbing the same one out of habit, but I do try to remember to switch it up every so often. I thought that by pulling out my favorites to share with you all I could also help refresh myself of what all I have to use!

--Easy Button
For the longest time I have thought that the Easy Buttons from Staples were the greatest. Even though they cannot take your stress away, to me it seemed like it could manage to put a smile on your face! Last week after my honors convocation my mom and dad gave me an Easy Button as a little surprise. I could not stop laughing. It will be by my side studying for finals!

--Post this Week
What Do You Carry? on Wednesday 3/19/14:

Ready. Set. You're turn!!
What did you love this week?

❤ Nichole


  1. I love that saying! Plus, I'm pretty jazzed to watch some March Madness tonight too!

    1. March Madness is the best! I tend to et quite distracted from it! Which I'm okay with. :) There have been some crazy upsets already!

  2. Happy Friday! Now can we have that 47 degree weather back? Thanks for linking up! :)

    1. I would be a okay with that! At least today was a little on the nicer side!

  3. I loved this! It was so nice! :) Love your photos!


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