Monday, March 24, 2014

MIMM #6 {Cause Everyday I'm Studyin}

Most days it is crazy to me that just 40 days from now I will be a college graduate. Boy, did four years fly by quick. This weekend, however definitely did its job in reminding me that I'm not done quite yet! I spent the last few days in the library, but it was wonderful in its own way because I was able to take in some moments that will be my last memories on campus. 

As always, Monday's are for reminiscing the good from our weekends to start our week off on the right foot. So let's get those positive vibes rolling!

And remember to share your happiest times from the weekend too!

I decided to sleep in a little, but not too long, because I needed to get to the library as soon as soon as I could. I woke up around 10am allowing myself to take my time to get moving and walked into the library a little before noon! 

I was camped out in the library until about 5pm. My biggest weekend assignment to tackle was an exam that needed to be turned in by Sunday night. I knew the exam was going to be intricate so I was prepared to do it over a few days with many brain breaks. Luckily there was no time limit!

Since I love my sports I opted to tune into March Madness through the CBS Live Feed when I needed a break.

The day ended having dinner with my parents and boyfriend watching more March Madness. Oh, and can't forget splitting this deliciousness with Billy!

Started much like Friday with the same result of heading up to the library except I got there around 11am instead of noon.

Around 2pm this cutie came to join bearing lunch! Pardon his concentration.

We left about 4:30pm just in time to catch the beginning of the Michigan game. After our victory, I was back to working on my exam.


In the morning as I drove down to practice I could not help but love the sunshine. The sun has such an awesome way of making you feel good! 

When I was headed back after practice I ran into an unusual road block.

Can you guess where I was going? If you guessed library you are correct! But, it was to review and submit my exam. I feel very confident in it!

I was tagged to participate in the #nomakeupselfie for #cancerawareness via Instagram and even though I don't take selfies often this time I did.

To join in use the hashtags above and then tag someone to pass it on! 

Overall my weekend was very productive! 
How was yours?

I heard a song for the first time ever on the radio yesterday that I thought would be great for a tidbit of Monday motivation. Enjoy!

Be Okay by Oh Honey. 

❤ Nichole 


  1. Yowza, that's a lot of studying! Good for you Nichole! Almostttttt done! :)

    1. It was…but! I feel so accomplished from getting that exam complete and my productivity has just followed me through to today so that's been a plus! And yes! I can't believe the end is so near! Happy Monday!


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