Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happiness Is A Habit

I'm sure it is no secret that happiness is important, but do you know why you should make being happy a habit of yours? Doing some reading before bed, I came across an article on listing reasons why happiness is something you should think and work to attain daily. I'm excited to share!

1. Life's too short to waste it on things that don't matter
    • do things that bring meaning to your life
    • don't wait for "reality" to make you realize it

2. Do, don't regret
    • there's never a better time then the present
    • stop making excuses, make it happen

3. You are 50% less likely to get ill when you're happy
    • unhappy people are more likely to have health problems
    • a sense of enthusiasm and hopefulness is good for the heart

4. When you're happy, life changes become easier
    • transitions are difficult for those who cling to the familiar
    • happiness creates openness to new things 

5. Happiness helps you recover sooner from life's disappointments
    • people who are happy accept letdowns as a part of life
       - they look for lessons and the silver lining
    • don't accept the bad as the end, always expect more good

6. Happiness creates a harmonious home life
    • your mood affects others 
    • an upbeat mood is result of a positive outlook

7. A happy person gets work done faster and smoother
    • optimism is contagious 
    • clear mind = clear thought

8. No one else can do it for you
    • holding another responsible for your happiness sets you up for defeat
    • when you control your happiness, no one can spoil your joy 

9. Your quest will take you to incredible experiences of personal growth
    • finding happiness is:
       - learning about yourself 
       - discovering what life's about 

10. Being a zombie is no fun
     • coasting on auto-pilot is no way to live
     • happiness allows you to grab ahold of the wheel

Get living! 

Questions of the Day:
1) Do you think it's important to make happiness a habit?
2) How do you create your own happiness?
3) What aspects of life are harder to attain happiness?

❤ Nichole


  1. Don't be a zombie..haha!
    I think happiness is essential. All the points you made were valid. Life changes are so much easier when faced with a splash of joy! :)

    1. I laughed out loud at that one too! But funny aside, it says so much and I would of never thought of it that way! :)

      I think so too! It's easier to just have a this it's helping me be and get where I'm supposed to be and accept it!

      Happy Saturday!

  2. Being happy is so important. Being around the people I love, taking care of myself, and living life to the fullest is what makes me happy. I don't like to stress about things. When I start to stress, I just stop and think about the situation; sometimes I meditate to ease stress.
    Lovely blog. :)

    1. I try not to stress either! I try to enjoy all moments even te stressful ones. They all have setting good or a lesson to learn which in turn is good:)

      Totally agree with all the things you said that make you happy! Me too!

  3. I without a doubt think happiness should be a habit! :) being happy is so much better for you than being down on life. Life events don't change because we stay sad, do, so instead of being down about something look for the positive side :) xxx

    1. I completely agree! Actually couldn't agree more!


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