Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Foods for Energy

What I ate to eat Wednesday - linking up with Jenn!

There are many ways to increase our motivation, but did you know you could do it by eating certain things? Well, you can; some foods are energy boosters, which can help pick you up to accomplish whatever you may need!

-carbs are the bodies fuel
-whole grains
   -take longer to digest
   -give sustained energy
-complex carbs
   -provide gradual energy release 
   • Brown Rice
      -rich in manganese - helps produce energy

   • Sweet Potatoes 
      -loaded with Vitamin A & C - help fight fatigue

-combined with carbs slows digestion further
   -longer sustained energy 

      -packed with Vitamin B6 - help convert food to energy 

      -full of magnesium - necessary for energy release

      -highest form of protein

-dose of glucose
   -metabolized into energy

   • Bananas
      -glucose, fructose, sucrose and fiber - boost energy

   • Apples
      -high in fiber - take a long time to digest

   • Oranges
      -vitamin C, potassium and folate - create energy over time

From Tress/Plants
-help maintain energy levels

   • Spinach
      -source of iron - key for energy production

      -a protein and a complex carb

      -have manganese and copper - keep energy flowing

-natural sweetener 
-nature's equal to an energy drink

 Let's break our sluggish times and do more by looking to what we eat! 

Questions of the Day:
1) Which of these did you already know helped with energy?
2) What ones would you add to your diet?
3) Are there any other foods that you eat for a boost?

❤ Nichole

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  1. This was so helpful! With so many weird diet crazes it's so hard to work out what is actually good for you hahaa :) xx

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful!! :) I found a lot of them interesting! Just makes you a little more conscious about things you can grab!


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