Monday, March 17, 2014

MIMM #5 {Busy Yet Relaxed}

Hey all! This weekend was full of quite a few different things, but strangely relaxing at the same time for being so busy. I am linking up with the lovely host Katie and sharing the highlights from my weekend! Last week I did my weekend recap in mostly all pictures and got a really positive response. So, this weekend I made sure to be a little camera conscious!   

But first.

Started off by going for my wisdom teeth consultation, then to watch some Michigan basketball - got the win - and then in the mid-afternoon this..

A nice (much needed) one hour massage
The late afternoon was filled with a couple episodes of House of Cards and homework until my parents, boyfriend and I decided to play euchre. 

Billy and I beat the rents. Not once, but twice!
I slept in a little, but not too long so I was still able to be productive..

Watching Grey's, doing homework and time with my kitty
Around 3pm I was off to The Palace for practice before the game. Unfortunately we lost, but it was a great game that went into OT. It was also Hooper, the Piston's Mascot's, birthday, so the game was full of fun!

With Hooper before the game!
Me with some of my teammates
The night ended with a team sleepover! 

Sunday morning I was picked by my parents and boyfriend and we were headed to the main campus of my University for an Honors Convocation.

The auditorium the ceremony was at was absolutely gorgeous. 

I feel honored to have been awarded with University Honors. 

I was blessed to have my parents and boyfriend with me. The only thing that was missing was my brother, but he is at school accomplishing his goals and dreams and I could not be prouder of him!

We got home pretty late into the evening and decided to watch a movie. During the movie I painted my nails in honor of St. Patrick's Day!

Polishes are Revlon from CVS
Now I want to hear from you!
• What did you do this weekend? Was a certain day your favorite?
• Any plans for St. Patrick's Day? Or did you celebrate already?
• What do you have in-store for the upcoming week?

Last but not least, some Monday motivation. It is the front cover from the 
card my parents gave me yesterday. Too perfect to not to share. 

Happy Monday!

❤ Nichole


  1. What a fabulous weekend. Nothing beats family time. I'm so sorry to hear your brother wasn't able to join, but like you said he's off accomplishing his own goals. Good for him.

    Wisdom teeth consultation? Ugh! That's never fun. Prayers that when you do have the surgery all goes well & smooth.


    1. Absolutely nothing beats family time <3 they are my everything. And yea, it was sad because he is truly my best friend but I am so proud of him doing what he loves and following his passion nothing could be better!

      No its not :( my extraction is May 9th but it will be all good! An excuse to eat ice cream right?!?! But thank you very much for the prayers. I really really appreciate it! <3

      Hope you had a great Monday!

  2. sounds like a super lovely & busy but relaxed weekend too! :) sounds like you really enjoyed yourself, I'm glad :) xx

    1. I did! I always love a change up every once in a while where the weekend is a little more relaxed then normal! Hope you had a great one too!


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