Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Favorites #3: Week of 3/14/14

It's Friday! What, what! Happy dance time!

Last week I missed linking up with Heather since I was out of town, so today I'm catching up and sharing things I've been loving over the past 2 weeks! 

And don't forget - I'd love to hear from you too! 

--Sweet Treats
I have quite the sweet tooth! I almost never turn down the chance to indulge in a treat, even if it's just a little bite. I think I got this trait from my grandma. I know, I know can't blame this one on genetics, but I did grow up seeing her always able to make some room for a cookie!

There is an adorable crepe company right down the road from my University, Flint Crepe Company
My boyfriend Billy and I went there for a snack on class break last week. I got an apple pie crepe, 
which was stuffed with cinnamon apples and topped with almonds and powdered sugar. 

Shamrock shakes! I always love when it's time for these to come out. 
I haven't had too many yet this year, but they will forever be one of my favorites. 

Frozen yogurt has been newly introduced to me within the last couple months. 
I instantly became obsessed with the "create your own" experience and it being a healthier option!

--My First Michael Kors Purse
Last week I stopped into our local Plato's Closet to say hi, I used to work there a couple years ago, and of course do some shopping. I ended up doing more talking to my old co-workers and the shop owner than shopping, however, standing in line is where I spotted the beauty pictured below. I'm sure the first question on your mind is if it is authentic. It is! They are not allowed to take in any unauthentic bags. The bag is in incredible condition. I love the fact it is black and tan. The other major seller for me was the satchel strap! And for the biggest news of all, it was just $60! In love!

I have always used Pandora as my way to stream music, but recently I have found a new app called Songza. It is so cool. It is similar to Pandora in the fact there is a thumbs up and thumbs down button as well as 6 skips however, there is a very unique concierge feature that allows you to select playlists based on your current activity. 
Concierge main screen
Chose "Driving" then chose "Today's Pop Hits" 
 Still features for searching for specific artists/genres

--Road Trips
For spring break Billy and I made a road trip down to see my brother Nic (see the recap here). It was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. 

Road trips are insanely fun. Although you can get places much quicker via a flight, there are memories created by being in a car with one or many people for numerous hours on end. Like these!

Daises have become an important part of my life since my grandmas passing in 2010. This week, on 3/11, was the 4 year anniversary of losing her. My dad and a close family friend bought my mom and I these in her honor. 

Although Wednesday was a snowstorm here, the sun has been shining more often lately. This makes me very happy! I enjoy seeing all four season, but the gloominess can certainly put a damper on your day. It is so easy to be sluggish when its dark and cold, especially in the AM. I love my sunshine! 

--Inspirational Fortune Cookies 
These may be random and hold no truth whatsoever but they still manage to put a smile on your face when they have a positive message!

This one just happened to have my lucky number 1 on it as well!

--Posts from 2 weeks
Liebster Award on Sunday 3/9/14:


What are you favorite things from the past couple weeks?


  1. Lovely! Your snow pics in the sunshine are beautiful :) Danielle x

    1. Thank you! I love love love taking scenic pics!

  2. I am definitely craving chocolate sweets like crazy right now... maybe always? I'm also loving days when I'm getting sunshine!

    1. You can never go wrong with some chocolate!! It can be a mood lifter for sure!!

  3. That seems like a great app, I'll have to try it out! Stop it with that milkshake... you know how I feel about mint treats! Thanks for linking up and Happy Weekend! :)

    1. Billy found it and introduced it to me! I am really liking it! And I thought of you when I posted that pic!

  4. The sun makes me happy, it's been really sunny lately where I am too :)!


    1. Oh awesome! And yes! It definietly can make or break your day!


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